The Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc., a non-profit organization, is a force for good that promotes all aspects of gardening, focusing on preservation and restoration of historic gardens, conservation and environmental protection of natural resources, education of members and youth organizations, civic beautification, horticulture and floral design.. As part of its mission,GCSC offers educational opportunities for members and non-members.

Environmental Studies School   

The mission of the Environmental Studies Schools is to teach environmental literacy to cherish, protect and conserve the living earth. The courses teach participants environmental literacy, appreciation of the natural world, encourages action for sustainable development and appreciation for the interrelation of all natural things. Particular emphasis is presently placed on land conservation, water conservation and air quality. Environmental Studies School is aimed at producing a citizenry that is knowledgeable concerning the biophysical environment and its associated problems, aware of how to help solve these problems, and motivated to work toward their solution.

February 4-5, 2021  Course 4 
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Landscape Design Schools

The curriculum, in a series of four courses, covers a wide range of subjects: from landscape design history to landscape architecture in the year 2000 and beyond. Since its founding in 1958, professional instructors have maintained the high standards originally incorporated in the study program. Also offered are many optional programs, such as conferences, symposia and tours. Students acquire the tools for making their own gardens more beautiful and easier to maintain. Many students have been motivated to serve in political decision-making areas where awareness of the impact of a well-designed landscape can enhance the beauty and enjoyment of life in the public arena.

January 2021    Course  2  TBA
Charles Towne Landing, Charleston,
Contact: Kathy Wade          [email protected]          843-224-6784

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Course  2 Curriculum   


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