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Welcome to the  GCSC  Membership page……..

  The Garden Club of South Carolina consists of two membership classifications.

The VOTING MEMBERSHIP classification is made up of 180  individual  clubs within our  state. Each club has members that participate in  activities that not only fulfill the objectives of the National Garden Club and Garden Club of South Carolina, but also enjoy fellowship with their co members.  Dues are paid by each member to their club on an annual basis.  Each club member is considered a delegate of GCSC.

 The NON VOTING MEMBERSHIP classification applies to AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP which are  organizations whose objectives concur with those of GCSC . Often these organizations wish to express a desire to further the objectives of GCSC. Dues are paid to GCSC on an annual basis. Youth Garden Clubs are part of this catagory , as are Individual Members–at- Large.

By now you are probably scratching your head….saying where could I fit in to this group…..

Our 180 garden clubs are made up of people like you and me who want to learn, create, have fun, and explore new paths to garden success. Each member brings something new and different to the table….some love veggies, other like floral arrangements, enjoy community service, some are looking for new friends, etc…..we are diverse….we enjoy each other. We have monthly meetings, go on field trips, have speakers, grow plants, and pull weeds!!! Yes, we even pull weeds……. soooooo

If you have an interest in learning more about who, why, and when we are please  complete the application attached. Your info will be shared with our Membership Chairman. We will make every effort to get you all you need to become a member of our group. Welcome aboard….

Sandie Duerksen, Membership Chairman 2019-2020



Interested in joining a Garden Club?  Contact Membership Chairmain, Sandie Duerksen, for more information or fill out the form and submit.  Your request will be sent to the garden club located near your home address.