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Important Message to All GCSC Members:

All Donations to To GCSC Funds, Projects or Scholarships are to be sent directly to The GCSC Treasurer. The Chairmen of these entities will be notified.

Please send all donations or checks to:

GCSC Treasurer
701 Gervais Street
Suite 150-142
Columbia, SC 29201

Be a GCSC Five Star Honor Club

Click Here For Information and Form

View the 2018  Five Star Honor Clubs

Any federated garden club can earn the distinction of being designated a GCSC Five Star Honor Club by contributing a minimum of $40.00 to each of the five GCSC “projects” ($200.00) listed below. One Check should be written  to Garden Club of South Carolina (GCSC) with  Five Star Honor Club in the  memo line and sent with this form to:

GCSC Treasurer
701 Gervais Street
Suite 150-142
Columbia, SC 29201
[email protected]

Blue Star Memorial Highway Markers
Camp Wildwood / Youth Symposium
(Contribution  is split equally to benefit both)
GCSC Memorial Garden
GCSC Headquarters
The SC Gardener

The Deadline is March 16, 2020

Garden Clubs will be recognized on the 2019 Five Star Honor plaque when donation is received by March 16, 2020. Clubs will be listed alphabetically by club name and town where club is located. Please make check out to GCSC and include your club name, town, club number and Five Star Honor Club in the memo line.