As a garden club member, we all try to implement the NGC objectives of horticulture, civic beautification, conservation, historic preservation, environmental stewardship, landscape design and floral design. Below are downloads that will help you reach these objective. Print these out to share with your clubs, use them for program ideas, or simply try to implement them in your own daily activities. Each is designed to help you succeed.



Backyard Wildlife Habitats

South Carolina Invasive Plant List - these plants are banned from flower shows and should be removed from your landscapes to prevent spreading 

Impact of Plastic on Bird Populations of SC - Audubon Society

Environmental StewarDship   

How to host a Sustainable Event  - GCSC Climate Chair, Victoria Bergesen 

Floral Design

Gardening Basics

Companion Planting Chart: Vegetables and Herbs - PDF Format - great for printing to share 

Companion Planting Chart: Vegetables and Herbs - Excel Format - this format can be edited  

The Original Victory Garden from the Office Of Civil Defense - a great video to share with your club members 

historic preservation

Learn the role garden club members can play in Historic Preservatiom


Clemson University's Master Gardener Factsheets cover just about every aspect of gardening and horticulture.  

LAndscape Design 

 Frederick Law Olmsted and the American Garden  - A beautiful and educational video of the history of American Parks and the common man who made them a reality 


How to Attract New Members to Your Garden Club


     NATIONAL GARDEN WEEK-- June 6-12, 2021


Attracting Butterflies to your Gardens

GardenFORLIFe Initiative - worksheet 

Pollinator Plants for the Southeast Region - Xerces Society 

Shade Loving Plants for Pollnators

Native Plants for Wildlife-SC Wildlife Federation

Doug Tallamy on Nature's Best Hope - a lecture given to New Canaan Pollinator Pathway

Planting with a Purpose - Top 15 Pollinator Plants with Andy Cabe of Riverbanks Botanical - video  

Planting with a Purpose Handout - word 

Planting with a Purpose Handout - pdf 


    Links from Butterfly Presentation by Kim Bailey, Milkweed Meadows Farm ([email protected] 

About Milkweed Meadows Farm - https://conservingcarolina.org/discovering-our-native-butterflies/ 

Growing Milkweed & Gardening for Butterflies - https://conservingcarolina.org/habitat-at-home-growing-milkweed/  &  https://conservingcarolina.org/kim-bailey-butterfly-gardens/ 

The Great Milkweed Germination Test - https://sowtrueseed.com/blogs/gardening/the-great-milkweed-germination-test 

Milkweed Vendor Map  (just launched - more vendors will be joining this spring) - https://monarchjointventure.org/mjvprograms/habitat/milkweed-vendor-map 

NC Milkweed Species - https://www.growmilkweedplants.com/northcarolina.html 

Journey North Monarch Migration Maps & News - https://journeynorth.org/monarchs 

Symbolic Monarch Migration (search to see where the paper monarchs from Hendersonville landed in Mexico) - https://symbolicmigration.org/ 

Monarch Population Graphs - https://monarchjointventure.org/blog/eastern-monarch-population-declines-26 

How to build more effective monarch butterfly gardens (Adam Baker's research at UK) - https://news.ca.uky.edu/article/uk-research-shows-how-build-more-effective-monarch-butterfly-gardens 

NC Butterfly Atlas / Henderson Co. Butterfly Checklist - https://auth1.dpr.ncparks.gov/nbnc/a/accounts.php  &  https://auth1.dpr.ncparks.gov/nbnc/a/nc_checklist.php?get_county=Henderson 

Native Woodies for Native Butterfly & Moth Caterpillars - https://www.wildones.org/wp-content/images/NativeCaterpillarsMothsButterfliesHostNativeWoodies.pdf 

Invasive Plants found in the Mountains of NC - http://nc-ipc.weebly.com/mountain-invasive-plants.html 

DO NOT BUY Invasive Exotic Plant List: Pocket Guide for Western NC - https://mountaintrue.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/DoNotBuy_Pocket-Guide_cutout-version.pdf 

Maypops for All!  - https://edibleupcountry.ediblecommunities.com/eat/maypops-all 

Pawpaws! - https://www.ourstate.com/pawpaws/ & https://www.boldlife.com/fruit-of-the-future/ 

Milkweed Vendor Map  (just launched - more vendors will be joining this spring) - https://monarchjointventure.org/mjvprograms/habitat/milkweed-vendor-map


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