West Piedmont District


The word piedmont means “foot of the mountain.” In the U.S., the Piedmont is a plateau region located in the eastern part of our country, sitting between the Atlantic coastal plain and the main Appalachian Mountains, stretching from New Jersey in the north to central Alabama in the south. In our State, the piedmont area covers about one third of it. Our State Garden Club has divided this area into the East Piedmont District and the West Piedmont District – our home – where we’re known as the “Pride of the Piedmont”!

In this area of South Carolina, we have many things of which we’re proud. Just to name a few: Greenwood, home of the South Carolina Festival of Flowers and Park Seed Company; Greenville, our largest city; Clemson University, home of the South Carolina Botanical Garden; Keowee Key in Salem, the first community in the upstate to have a community wildlife habitat; and Greer, the first registered “Monarch City” in our State!

As we begin our 2019-2021 term with the theme “Create Harmony in the Garden”. Some of our goals are: revamp the Awards Program so that it more accurately reflects accomplishments in the District, increase/maintain garden club membership, and promote District scholarships and scholars!

Our District is pretty special with 35 federated garden clubs and 4 federated garden councils, which are supported by 939 members! Welcome to our 2019-2021 West Piedmont District Team as we represent our great district in the upstate!

Dee LeMay
West Piedmont District Director 2019-2021
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LeMay is looking forward to working with the District Co-Director, Lorraine Gerhart, who has a real love for awards! And together they will be working to serve the garden club members of the West Piedmont District. LeMay is a member of the Garden Trail Garden Club in Anderson.

LeMay comes to the Director’s position with varied gardening experience – both administrative and hands-on “dig in the dirt”:

Garden Club of South Carolina – Third Vice President, 2017-2019 during which term she was the State Chairman for the 2019 Convention in Beaufort. She was also Corresponding Secretary from 2015-2017.

Anderson Council of Garden Clubs – President 2013 to 2017; Vice President 2011-2013. Heritage Garden Club: Co-President 2011-2013; President 2010-2011. During her terms as Vice President and President of the Anderson Garden Council she chaired six Awards Luncheons as well as the 2014 West Piedmont District Meeting which had the largest attendance ever for a West Piedmont District Meeting.

Anderson County Master Gardener Assoc. – President 2014-2016; Vice President 2012-2014; Recording Secretary 2010-2012.

During her business career, she held many varied positions in administration and management where she honed her people skills and learned to produce results. Her last ten working years she was a nurse in hospital critical care and in-home settings where she cared for handicapped children.

Lorraine Gerhart
West Piedmont District Co-Director 2019-2021

Gerhart has been an active member of the Lake and Hills Garden Club since 2013. She served as Co-Vice President in 2015 and planned the monthly programs presented at the garden club meetings. She also served on committees for Historical Preservation and Civic Development Committees. She was Co-President in 2016 for the Lake and Hills Garden Club. During that time, her leadership increased membership by offering club members varied activities that would promote all phases of gardening. The garden club was also able to donate back to the community through civic planting, beautification projects, maintaining the local botanical gardens and contributing to GCSC scholarships. Since 2016, she has chaired the Awards, Archival and Scrapbook committee as well as preparing award applications for her garden club’s projects and programs. She also chaired the 2019 West Piedmont District Meeting, acting as host for the annual meeting and luncheon.

As Co-Director for the West Piedmont District, she is looking forward to working with the District Director, Dee LeMay. In this position together, they will strive to lead and serve the garden clubs of their district in accordance with the goals and objectives of The Garden Club of South Carolina.

She is a native of upstate New York and her background is in the Nursing Profession and she currently holds a license as a Registered Nurse in the state of New York. After retirement, she relocated with her husband to Keowee Key in Salem, S.C. in 2011. She enjoys tennis, kayaking and golf along with gardening.


     Organization(Grade/Student#)                              Sponsoring Garden Club

      YMCA After School(K-8   /36)                               Mountain Laurel


West Piedmont District Federated Garden Clubs:

379WP -Anderson Garden Club, Anderson
460WP- Azalea GC, Greer
327WP- Bud ‘N Boom,GC, Anderson
054WP- Camellia GC, Greer
213WP- Chrysanthemum GC, Greenwood
118WP- Chrysanthemum GC, Abbeville
195WP- Clarice Wilson GC, Greenville
035WP- Creative GC, Abbeville
056WP- Dahlia GC, Greenwood
103WP- Dogwood GC, Honea Path
651WP–Etta Greer GC, Piedmont
572WP- Foothills GC, Clemson
429WP- Fort Hill GC, Seneca
233WP- Fountain Inn GC, Fountain Inn
585WP- Frances Hart GC, Anderson
326WP- Garden Trail GC, Anderson,
445WP- Greenville GC, Greenville
584WP- Heritage GC, Anderson
204WP- Hillcrest GC, Greenville
347WP- Lake and Hills GC, Salem
136WP- Lake Forest GC, Greenville
199WP- Laurens Road GC, Greenville
642WP- Mauldin GC, Mauldin
390WP- McCormick GC, McCormick
089WP- Mimosa GC, Anderson
512WP- Morning Glory GC, Greenwood
381WP– Mountain Laurel, Greenville
298WP- Pickens GC, Pickens
316WP- Primrose GC, Greer
357WP- Rose GC, Abbeville
250WP- Shamrock GC, Iva
523WP- Simpsonville GC, Simpsonville
216WP- Travelers Rest GC, Travelers Rest
455WP- Unit One GC,Greenwood
650WP–Westcliffe GC, Greenville


C02WP- Abbeville GC Council
C12WP- Greenville Council of GC
C01WP- Greenwood Federation of GC
C15WP- Greer Council of GC.