Coastal District


The Coastal District is one of seven geographic districts within the Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc. Currently there are 2 councils and 20 Federated clubs in the Coastal District. The District includes all or portions of Horry, Marion, Dillon, Florence, Georgetown, and Williamsburg Counties. There is one District Meeting in March each year. This meeting is hosted by a club, group of clubs or council on a rotational basis. The rotation for 2020 will be Loris, SC

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Carolyn C. Floyd, GCSC Director of Coastal District

I was born and reared in Georgia. I lived in Sylvania, Augusta, Athens and Macon. In Macon, I met Merrell W. Floyd, a Clemson graduate, who was born and reared in Conway, South Carolina. Six months later, we were engaged and then married. On January 31, 2020, we celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary.

We have two living sons, Richard and David, who both live in Conway. Kenneth, also of Conway and our oldest son, died on March 16, 2017, and is greatly loved and missed by all.  We are blessed with six grandchildren.

I am a 1978 graduate of Coastal Carolina College, where I earned a BA degree in Elementary Education. Later, I finished my MA degree in Early Childhood Education from University of South Carolina. Education. I also took the necessary coursework to acquire my  certification in Education Administration. I worked for Horry County Schools for 28 years before retiring. to relax and travel with her husband, Merrell.

During my tenure as an educator, I worked as a classroom teacher for 8 years and as a Gifted Education teacher for 4 years.  The remainder of my educational career was spent as Assistant Principal (4 years), Principal (8 years), Teacher Evaluator (4 years) and Coordinator of Teacher Evaluation (1 Year).

While in the classroom, I applied for a position as Teacher-in-Residence at Coastal Carolina University, a joint position supported and funded by the Horry County School District and Coastal Carolina University. The selected applicant was chosen for a one year opportunity to teach students at the College level. For me, this experience was outstanding and a momentous opportunity to work with the Professors who had taught me while I was a student at Coastal.  To experience teaching college students, as well as High School Teacher Cadets was a dream come true.

Years later, the Coastal Education Department invited me to develop a program and teach at the College level again. The special grant program was called the Critical Needs Program and offered opportunities for graduate students to obtain their certification in education in order to be qualified to teach in a Critical Needs Area. As Director, I  selected one Horry County teacher with an Administration degree to  serve as the  Co-Director. I selected Marie Floyd, a friend who had worked with me in Teacher Evaluation. This was a second job for both of us, which required working some weekends and several weeks during the summer with graduate students who qualified. This job was an honor and a cherished GIFT.

Having a career in Education was what I desired. Having multiple and varied experiences made teaching constantly changing and certainly fascinating. I feel life in my chosen field has prepared me for almost any job! I consider every moment of my career as one tremendous and exciting adventure.

One big outside love of mine is of course Gardening. I have loved flowers and gardens since childhood. Now that I am retired, I give lots of energy to tending my yard and garden with  my husband and enjoying time with friends who also love gardening!

I was a Charter Member of the Town and Country Garden Club of Conway and worked with a small group of women to get this club started. Although not a Federated Club, it still is in operation today. After retiring I joined the Ivy Club of Conway, serving for several years as President. While with the Ivy Club, I joined the Conway Garden Club Council, where I served as President for two years. I have been a member of CGCC for six years. I am currently an active member of the Camellia Garden Club of Conway.

 My grandmother, Emma Lou Chance Turner, introduced me to the joy of growing flowers and working in the vegetable garden. My grandmother lived in Sylvania, Georgia, but owned a family farm in nearby Garfield. I traveled to the farm with my grandparents to gather vegetables to can or freeze each summer. Working alongside my Granny was always fun! She kept a tidy yard and loved roses, thrift, pansies, gladiolas, and especially BIG tomatoes! She taught me the importance of weeding and trimming and enjoying the beauty of nature! 

In later years, my mother-in-law, Delia Booth Floyd, continued the garden tending and harvesting with me and between the two of us, we canned and froze enough food to feed the whole family and then some.

I love to write, especially poetry. I wrote this poem about my Grandmother’s favorite flower.


My Grandmother’s Flower Beds

Some of you will understand, but others of you not,

My grandmother never planted flowers in a pot!

She loved to toil and till the soil with tools as planned,

Plopping plants into the ground, gently covering with her hands.

Rose bushes clustered with buds and blooms adorned her flower beds,

And climbing roses dressed the trellis under the car shed.

Thrift and pansies were abundant and azaleas welcomed spring,

But her colorful gladiolas made me want to sing!

Some stood up straight, tall and proud,

But others bent slightly, blooms pulling them toward the ground!

And when she dared to pick a few to enjoy inside,

She did it with a frown, then a slight mischievous smile!

She believed flowers belonged outdoors you see,

To paint God’s world and share nature’s bounteous beauty.

And if she visited me today, she’d say, “What’s with all these pots?

Flowers and plants should dance in beds, or perhaps you forgot!”                                 

CarolynCail Floyd

March 31, 2019

This poem is dedicated to my sweet and special Granny , Emma Lou Chance Turner. I will always love you, Granny. You made my life a happy dance!


Coastal District Co- Director Alice Ray


     Organization(Grade/Student#)                              Sponsoring Garden Club

Riverside Elem School (4-5  /15)                             Driftwood Garden Club 

Ocean Drive Elem   (K /30)                                      Yaupon Garden Club 


Coastal District Federated Garden Clubs

096C- Azalea Garden Club, Marion 
359C- Azalea Garden Club, Conway
278C- Camellia Garden Club, Conway 
497C- Daphne Garden Club, Marion 
244C- Dogwood Garden Club, Latta  
004C- Driftwood Garden Club, North Myrtle Beach 
379C- Georgetown Garden Club, Georgetown 
210C- Green Thumb Garden Club, Kingstree 
310C- Green Thumb Garden Club, Mullins 
041C- Iris Garden Club, Conway 
342C- Ivy Garden Club, Conway 
026C- Loris Garden Club, Loris 
129C- Magnolia Garden Club, Latta 
240C- Myrtle Beach Garden Club, Myrtle Beach 
578C- Sea Oats Garden Club, North Myrtle Beach 
097C- The Dillon Garden Club, Dillon 
452C- The Glove & Trowel Garden Club, Dillon 
309C- Yaupon Garden Club, North Myrtle Beach 
015C- Yellow Jessamine Garden Club, Dillon

Coastal District Councils

C23C- Conway Garden Club Council 
C09C- Marion Garden Club Council