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Winter Message

EllenDanielsCamelliaHappy 2020! This will be a year of tremendous cultivation, collaboration and celebration.  As you kick off your garden club new year with great programs and events, I hope you will take a few precious moments of pause to appreciate the bounty that gardening and garden club has given you.   

We are an extremely diverse collection of people but at our core, we are all the same. We are all shamelessly in love with growing and nurturing beautiful landscapes, delicious food, gorgeous flowers, and award-winning houseplants.

Gardening is our way of feeling connected to something bigger than ourselves. Most of us delight in the glory of surprise when the hummingbird first stops at our winter feeders. We leap for joy at the monarchs that overwinter on our straggly milkweed.

Gardening is our way of showing love. We proudly share creative recipes that incorporate hand picked herb and bring fresh cut flowers from our own yards to brighten someone’s day.

Gardening is our way of investing in our communities. We plant trees, beautify streetscapes, nurture greenspace, protect pollinators. It is our lifelong journey of exploration and enrichment, of cultivated relationships with nature, our friends and families, and the world.

Our garden club federation is like the family tree of gardeners, bringing us together to cultivate relationships on a larger scale so that, together, we may have greater impact.  

May 2020 reward you with all of these bounties. May we all have the opportunity to grow and nurture together, to cultivate deeper relationships, to delight in each other’s achievements and to celebrate our collective impact on South Carolina as we GardenFORLife!