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C-Change Conversations - A Primer

C-CHANGE CONVERSATIONS - A Primer         JANUARY 13, 2021 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Start your new year with new awareness about climate change and what you can do every day to make a difference. This program is such an eye-opener.  

The C-Change Primer is a non-partisan, multi-media seminar on the science of climate change.  We developed the 45-minute presentation in consultation with scientists, business leaders, and public policy experts working on climate change.

The Primer has been widely hailed as an intelligent, dispassionate introduction to climate change.  Our team travels the country presenting the Primer to community groups, business organizations, planning associations and to anyone interested in a fair and balanced approach to the issue. We aim to create an environment where people feel encouraged to ask questions about climate change.

​The C-Change team has presented the Primer to more than 10,000 people in 29 states, including a very well-received audience hosted by the Columbia Garden Club.

GCSC is proud to bring it back to South Carolina in collaboration with Columbia Green, Gills Creek Watershed, and the South Carolina Wildlife Federation. This event is free to all members and will be posted on the GCSC Classroom Youtube Channel afterwards.   

Zoom invitation:    Meeting ID: 898 1552 8220  Passcode: 285933