Public Announcements

GCSC Virtual Classes Now in Session

GARDEN CLUB OF SOUTH CAROLINA proudly presents the 2020-2021 Classroom Schedule for all members. We understand that many of our members and club find it difficult to meet in person, plan events, or keep members interested. Never fear! GCSC Classroom is here. From now until March, 2021, GCSC will offer two online meetings per month. 

The First Friday Conferences for Club Officers will be held every first friday from 2PM - 3PM. These sessions will offer presidents and club officers an inside look at the organization and helpful training on how to make your club successful.  These leadership sessions are held via zoom and all presidents and club officers are welcome.  Invitations will be sent to presidents the week of the conference with private instructions on how to join the Zoom meeting. 

Second Wednesday GCSC Classroom Programs  2PM - 3PM - will now be offered to bring all of our membership together to learn and grow.  These FREE classes will cover gardening, environmental stewardship, floral design, landscaping design, and much more. All classes are free to our members only and will serve to fulfill your federation requirements of 7 meetings per year. Invitations will be sent via email with ZOOM instructions on how to join each meeting. These are great topics presented by hobbyists and professionals in their fields. Here is this year's schedule: 

  • September 9, 2020 – 2PM: GCSC Classroom – GardenFORLife, Trish Bender & Special Guests will present an overview of the GardenFORLife Philosophy and explore the process of getting there.

              October 14, 2020 –2PM: GCSC Classroom - Transforming your Landscape with Native Plants, Sue Watts of Clemson University and the South Carolina Botanical Garden will provide a great program on Native-scaping. From site analysis to plant selection and design, Sue will teach us how to create beautiful,


  • November 11, 2020 – Celebrate Veterans’ Day with at The Memorial Garden, America's first garden honoring Veterans. Peggy Little will present an overview of the garden and explain our latest project to help you honor the veterans of your choice. 


  • December 9, 2020 - Beyond the Bee: Native Pollinators and Other Beneficial Insects. Jill Jacobs and Brannen Basham of Spriggly’s Beescaping will help us further explore butterflies, moths, wasps, flies, beetles, and ants, along with the bats and birds that assist in pollination. In addition, learn about the other benefits these creatures provide such as pest predation, seed carrying, and more. 


  • January 13, 2021 – C-Change Conversations - This special 60-minute program will introduce you to the power of awareness, attitude and action around the issues of climate change. Specifically addressed:
  • How do we know it is happening?
  • How do we know it is influenced by us?
  • What is scientific consensus?
  • What are the dangers?
  • Is there hope addressing it?


  • February 10, 2021 – THE 2021 CONVENTION FLOWER SHOW – “GardenFORLifepresented by the Nationally Accredited Judges Club of South Carolina. Explore each of the design styles and botanical arts that will be featured in the show with design experts across South Carolina.


  •  February 24, 2021 – Fun Facts About Our Native Ferns and Fern Allies - This program will include general information about ferns and fern allies. It will also cover information on how to identify our most  common native ferns. Presenter:   Rosemarie Knoll is the author of two wildflower books. The first book covers the wildflowers along the Blue Ridge Parkway and in the National Forest near Asheville, NC. The second book covers the many wildflowers that can be found at DuPont State Forest near Hendersonville, NC.