Public Announcements

Spring 2019 Message

I am honored to  accept the presidency of this great non-profit organization and promise to lead with integrity and enthusiasm in service to our MISSION and our MEMBERSHIP.

Over the past fifteen years in this organization, I have received a wealth of incredible opportunities to learn and grow. When I think back on what I knew about gardening in 2004 and what I now know about gardening, landscape design, floral design, environmental stewardship, historic preservation and conservation, I am truly astounded. Moreover, I am grateful.

Garden Club has provided such principle-centered leadership, mentorship, and educational opportunities in an arena that we all love. I know of no other organization that provides such enrichment to its membership, all for $8.00 per year!!!

In addition to the benefits of educational and skill enrichment, I am most grateful for the relationships that have been cultivated across our federation network.  Some of my favorite people and my deepest friendships have developed as a result of this organization, people who share my values and my passion for gardening, who relish an opportunity to create together, to brainstorm ideas, to challenge each other to constantly improve. I would even venture to say that cultivating relationships is one of the best membership benefits!

Most of us came to gardening through relationship. In my family, my mother was an avid reader and my father was the quiet gardener who cultivated the roses my mother loved. While neither of them graduated high school, they fostered in me a deep love of learning and growing that has filled my life.

My father was my gardening hero because he taught me that the secret to a happy life lies not in acquiring wealth, but rather in appreciating the wonders of the life that surround us. By his example, I have cultivated a fascination for all living things. I have learned to listen to that still small voice within, to notice the patterns and cycles of nature and to understand and nurture the interconnectedness of life in a garden.  To this day, I am continually awed by the gardening experience.

Over the next two years, we will celebrate our shared passion for gardening with the GardenFORLife Initiative . FOR stands for focus on relationships. I invite each member to educate yourself on the vital relationships that occur in our gardens and our garden clubs.

We will partner with our botanical gardens to create Pollinator Habitats that will set the standard for public spaces all over our great state.

We will continue to work with our affiliates and our state departments to restore the vital habitats that once graced our highways with Highway Habitat Initiative

We will honor those gardeners who inspire us to GardenFORLife with our Hundred Heroes Campaign. 

We will improve our Member Relations with a board initiative that will improve direct communication to and from our membership. This will include educational podcasts, conference calls, how to videos and gardening newsletters.  We are truly invested in our Membership and we invite everyone to take advantage of these new federation benefits.

We have so many wonderful opportunities to share with you. Stay tuned and check you inbox for amazing news!