Yearbook Guidelines

Yearbook Guidelines

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Complete  Yearbook Guidelines For Clubs, Councils and Including 501c3 in Word

Complete  Yearbook Guidelines For Club, Councils and including 501c3 in Pdf

The Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc.

Awards 2020-2021



 First place state winners are submitted to The South Atlantic Region for judging by the state awards chair; do NOT submit yearbook entries directly to SAR. All SAR winners receive a certificate and recognition at the NGC convention.

State Competition Deadline for yearbooks September 1st; no exceptions! Judging is a lengthy process and deadlines to SAR must be met.

All sentences in BOLD comply with NGC Guidelines for Yearbooks.

This form will also be available as a grid to expedite judging.

IT IS SUGGESTED, BY THE YEARBOOK JUDGES for clubs to organize and assemble their yearbook content in the same subject order as the judging scoresheet on items B.,C.,D.  An example of the cover and front sheet are shown with the score sheet.

Shown on the score sheet (left) are points possible and (right) are the actual points awarded. This final total determines state placement The GCSC Yearbook Judges will make comments for club education.  This score will then be available at SUMMEREXPO for the club president with the yearbook, or if yearbook has been sent to SAR, the completed score sheet will be mailed to the club president.

Club membership total determines judging categories.   Categories: Club under 20 members;Club 20-29; 3. Club 30-44; 4. Club 45-69; Club 100-299; 6. Club 300 or more.

* 501c3 clubs and councils please see guideline attachment on page 4. for your compliance.  This is not a part of the GCSC scoring document.