West Piedmont District Chairmen

West Piedmont District 2019-2021 Committees


Awards – Assists with West Piedmont District awards  
Chairman: Lorraine Gerhart (Lake and Hills GC) 
10 Dinghy Ct., Salem, SC 29676 
864-719-0237                      [email protected]

Flower Show Team – Promote flower shows and assist with schedule writing and planning all aspects of flower shows. 
Chairman: Pat Abercrombie (Dahlia GC) 
102 Hill & Dale Dr., Greenwood, SC 29646-9702 
864-227-2362                      [email protected]

Garden Mapping Project – This committee member will locate and briefly document the specific garden, greenspace, historic marker, and provide the collated data to the GCSC state chairman. This project will map 100+ special places in SC that all gardeners and garden club members should visit. The map will be created by our membership and all rights will be owned by GCSC for website and App publication. 
Chairman: Susan Temple (Anderson GC) 
198 Singletree Lane, Belton, SC 29627 
864-934-3101 [c]                 [email protected]

Horticulture / The Scoop Newsletter – Assists the Editor by writing a 1-2 paragraph article about what's growing in our  district that month, as well as horticulture-specific news on new methods, new places, new plants.
Chairman: Laurie Churchill (Lake and Hills GC)
305 Willow Oak Ct., Seneca, SC 29672 
404-626-4244                      [email protected]

Youth – Assist the State Youth Chairman and judging the Youth Awards. 
Chairman: Carolyn Boucher (Greenville GC) 
45 Douglas Dr., Greenville, SC 29605 
864-232-3375                      [email protected]