SC Garden Map Registry

Native Asters There’s magic in certain wild places, an allee of grand oaks, a prairie where chicory is waist high and butterflies abound. Perhaps it’s a stand of Kalmia nestled among the hickory trees or a pine savannah in the Sandhills. Maybe it’s a special pollinator habitat that your garden club has tended for years.

We all have these magical places that we savor, that we create, that we protect. And now we have the opportunity to share them with all of our South Carolina garden family.

The South Carolina Garden Mapping Registry (SCGMR) is a citizen science project that will engage all of the garden clubs in our seven districts to map these special places. The goal of this project is to register the top 100 special places that every gardener should see in South Carolina.

 Over the next year each garden club will have the opportunity to share one or more special place in their community that every gardener should see. The information collected will be collated into an interactive map on our website with a brief description and a set of geo-location coordinates.

Most people are aware of the major tourist attractions, botanical gardens, arboretums and public parks. As garden club members we owe it to South Carolina to share our special places, those private and public Garden treasures that only we know about.

For more information and guidelines on the project please contact the SCGMR chairman Sandra Educate at [email protected]

All information collected will be the property of The Garden Club of South Carolina Inc. and shall not inure to the benefit of any member. All rights and use of the map will be by license only.

To Register your special site, click here: SC Garden Mapping Registration Form .  You can also print out a SCGM Registry blank worksheet here and print a completed sample form below.

Click here to view or download a completed Sample Submission Form.