Parking with a Purpose

Save our pollinators – plant our parking lots!!!

In our latest endeavor to expand pollinator awareness and reverse the devastating endangerment of pollinators across South Carolina, we are partnering with Riverbanks Botanical Garden to convert parking lot medians into pollination stations.

This pilot project will create a model for the landscaping industry throughout our state that utilizes tested and proven winners in the native and non-invasive xeriscaping plants families to restore vital but vanishing habitats for our South Carolina native pollinators.

Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc. has pledged $5000 to co-sponsor the  project over the next 2 years with an end goal of providing a model landscape plan for other areas in our state. The project will be funded through direct donor support and our Hundred Heroes Campaign.

The pilot project will be implemented in all public parking areas around the Botanical Gardens and the Riverbanks Zoo.

For more information, contact Andy Cabe of Riverbanks Botanical at [email protected].