Hundred Heroes Campaign

Honoring Gardeners that inspire us to GardenFORLife

Libby Metzler honoring Jerry Weise as a GardenFORLife Hundred Hero Help us honor the special people who inspire us to garden. For many of us, gardening is a way of life, a way to create something beautiful, or simply an avenue to reconnect with what matters most.

As you think about your love of gardening, consider for a moment the people who introduced you to gardening. Perhaps it was a parent or grandparent who shared their love and skills with you when you were a child, or a dear friend who brought you friendship plants and then showed you how to tend to them.

Whoever that was, we consider them our GardenFORLife Heroes. After all, most people can grow a garden but it takes a special hero to grow a gardener!

Garden Club of South Carolina wants to help you honor those special individuals through our Hundred Heroes Campaign. By honoring the person who inspired you with a donation towards GCSC, we will provide them a special certificate of honor that they can proudly display. The funds collected will go to support their legacy through garden training resources and educational outreach across South Carolina.


Each club might consider honoring their favorite dedicated gardening member, a past president or a special individual in your community who inspires others to Garden FOR Life.

View The application form to sponsor your GardenFORLife Hero here! 

Thank you for honoring the person who encouraged your love of gardening. This hero will be featured in a future issue of the SC Gardener Magazine and added to our Hundred Heroes List of SC gardeners on our website. GCSC reserves the right to honor your hundred hero in future publications, posts and podcasts.

2020 GardenFORLife Heroes

Sarah Bachman  - Bill Bardsley - Russell Bender - Trish Bender - Fannie Miller Gardener - Beatrice Gormley -  George Hyams - Betty Jackson  - Carolyn King  - Sammie Martin   Barbara McCormick - China McSwain Powell - Kristi Reagor - Emmagene Rhodes  - Terry Ritchen - Laura Lee Rose - Beth Smoak - Betsy Steele - Emily Stephens - Sarah Stone   Mary Eva Waternberg - Jerry Weise - Betty Black - Mary Settle Reeves - Pearl Fryar - Judy Harrison - Benda Miller - Tara Daly Ranson - Katherine Beeson - Laura Jane Jones Banks - Erline Wiles - Barbara Scott  - Hattie Lucas Foster